Immortal F²IT

Functional Fitness Intensive Training is the most comprehensive fitness program that we offer. It’s a multi-faceted approach that will build your strength, endurance, and flexibility, through functional weight training, bodyweight movements, biking, running, rowing, and more. The goal of F²IT is to get you feeling and looking your best, while empowering you to live a healthy and happy lifestyle outside of the gym. You can expect a new, fun, and challenging workout every day.  


Immortal HIIT

Our unique approach to High Intensity Interval Training. This class is for those who love to sweat and are looking to torch body fat. Studies have shown that HIIT is one of the most effective methods for improving your endurance, muscle toning, and increasing stamina. We utilize the Concept II Rowers, SkiErgs, Assault Bikes, bodyweight movements, dumbbells, kettlebells, and much, much more. 



Revive. Energize. Vitalize. REV is designed to build your aerobic engine and dramatically improve your endurance. These workouts are straight bouts of cardio ranging from 40-50 minutes long. Be prepared to sweat and breathe heavy! This class is for all levels and the workouts can be easily modified or scaled back for the newer member. 



Gymnastics. Aesthetics. Performance. When gymnastics is combined with bodyweight strength training and functional bodybuilding. If you’re looking to build some real deal upper body strength, improve your movement quality, all while looking great, look no further, this class is for you!  



Improve your Olympic lifting technique, while developing your strength, power, and speed. Participants will receive a high level of personal one-on-one coaching, individual programming, and corrective movement exercises to address weaknesses and imbalances. This class is for ALL LEVELS and we highly recommend it for anyone looking to learn the proper technique when it comes to barbell exercises.  


On-Ramp Course for Immortal F²IT

The On-Ramp course is recommended for all new members looking to start our F²IT program. The course includes 3 personal training sessions scheduled at your convenience with one of our expert coaches. We’ll teach you the proper technique on bodyweight movements, barbell exercises, warm-ups, what it means to eat healthy, and more. Each session is an hour long and will include a heavy dose of hands-on learning followed by a workout.