New to Immortal

I have CrossFit experience…
Awesome! We are happy to have you join the Immortal community and your first class is on us. Take a look at our schedule, pick a class and give us a heads up when you will be coming.

Call: (914) 449-6018 or Email:

I’m new to CrossFit…
Join us for a free class to see what CrossFit is all about! After your free class, new members are required to take part in our on-ramp program. The one-on-one On-Ramp program is an opportunity for new members to learn the fundamentals of crossfit. Athletes will graduate the On-Ramp program with a basic understanding of the CrossFit methodology including the fundamental movements, proper warm-ups and cool-downs, and mobility.

Here’s what you get: 
~ 3 private sessions (1hour each)
~ 1 month of Unlimited Membership
~ nutrition consultation & healthy eating guide
Cost: $299

Call: (914) 449-6018 or Email:

I’m new to Immortal HIIT…
There are no prerequisites to start. We require you to reserve your spot ahead of time and classes are capped at 20. To reserve a spot CLICK HERE   

I’m looking for private training…

We offer, 30, 45 and 60 minute private sessions for all ages. Please contact us for pricing/scheduling.

Call: (914) 449-6018 or Email: