Vivian Zymeck is our February ’19 Member of the Month!

Vivian Zymeck is our February ’19 Member of the Month!

Name: Vivian Zymeck 

Hometown: Millwood, NY

Age: 17

Occupation: Professional Eater/Crier 

How long have you been doing Crossfit and what motivated you to start?

I started doing crossfit in May 2017, so a little less than 2 years. I started doing crossfit because a coach at my volleyball club told me that his wife and daughter (Pam and Caleigh) do crossfit and he recommended that I do it as well, as I was looking for a way to get in better shape and be better at volleyball. 

What school will you be attending in the fall and what made you choose that college?I will be attending St Lawrence University! It was a tough process choosing a college because I was looking for both the right academic fit and the right fit for volleyball. I ended up choosing St Lawrence because it is a great school for my major, it’s a wonderful campus, the people there are amazing, and the volleyball team is exactly what I want and I am so excited to start in August, going in early for preseason. 

If you could play any other sport, which sport would it be and why?

Basketball is my second favorite sport to both watch and play, so I’d probably choose that. But I love volleyball so much I wouldn’t trade it for any other sport. Sometimes Tommy Poms will joke around with me saying I should quit volleyball and focus on just crossfit, but he knows that’s not gonna happen:) 

What is one of your favorite memories you have had with us at Immortal?

It’s so hard to choose one because I’ve made so many great memories here. The ‘Firsts’: first double unders, toes to bar, pull ups, etc. Are always exciting. Then the PRs, of course. But probably my best memory so far was the day I got into college, I came to crossfit about an hour afterward wearing my SLU sweatshirt, and when I walked in I pointed at my sweatshirt to Coach Will, and he gave me the biggest hug, I started to tear up with joy. Then Tommy Poms hugged me and Bridget and susu and everyone there was so happy for me… it really made me feel like this gym is a family and that people aren’t here just to work out, but they’re here for the community and to become closer with people. When I first joined the gym, I was way more shy with the people around me because they all knew each other and were friends, I didn’t feel like I belonged. But everyone has been so accepting of me and now I could not imagine my life without the amazing people this gym has led me to become close with. 

How many siblings do you have?

I have two siblings, an older brother and sister. My brother, John, is 19 and my sister, Juliet, is almost 22. Neither of them really do sports anymore, although my sister played volleyball for years before I did. I always try to get them both to come to Immortal, but neither of them are really about it. They make fun of me for Crossfit a lot, but I shake it off because they are just jealous of the gains. At least that’s what I tell myself… 

What current goal are you working on?  It doesn’t have to be fitness related.

Both related and unrelated to fitness,  a goal of mine to to have more confidence in myself and stay more mentally positive. I don’t really believe in satisfaction or being content with anything, so staying positive mentally can be a challenge for me. I am definitely my own worst enemy and  I need to start being my own best friend. I look to focus on having a positive mind now,  because I think that I will accomplish so much more if I have more confidence in myself.