Paul Lisy is our September ’18 Member of the Month

Paul Lisy is our September ’18 Member of the Month

Name: Paul T. Lisy
Hometown: Valhalla, NY
Age: 26
Occupation: Wine & Spirits Retail

How long have you been doing CrossFit and what motivated you to try it out?
One of my fraternity brothers convinced me to give CrossFit a go in 2015. He asked me about a note above my desk. I told him I decided to shed the pounds that I had carried all my life and it was to hold me responsible to eat healthy and get to the gym every day. Without hesitation he told me about CrossFit and his idol Jason Khalipa. As well, gave a quick run through of the main website and the type of workouts. He had been looking for a workout partner and asked if I would join him at 4pm the next day. For the next 2 months, I couldn’t even tell how many meters rowed and box jumps we did in the very non-CrossFit friendly university gym. Once I graduated I wanted to find a CrossFit “Box” to call home and three years ago I signed up after my first 7 am class at Immortal.

We know you love hockey.  Whose your favorite team and player?
The New Jersey Devils! My all-time favorite Devil is Martin Brodeur, which may not come as a surprise to the hockey fans out there. However, my first Devil’s jersey had the #30 on it. I was at the game when Marty scored his first goal, the 2003 Stanley Cup Finals, and his jersey retirement night. When playing street hockey with my friends I even sprawled and stacked the pads in the crease, just like Marty.

You blow us away with your endless dedication to getting better and improving.  You have become a staple in our 6:30 class and people can expect to see you at the gym until 9 AM everyday.  What drives you to keep working and getting better?
I’ll do my best to keep it short here. Something just clicked two years ago to never let anything hold me back from becoming the best person I can be. I was sick a lot when I was young, terrible asthma, on constant medication, and the pounds added on from that. When I started playing sports I was the biggest kid (height and weight). Others made remarks and it bothered me. My first year of football the officials wouldn’t let me play defense because I was “too heavy” to tackle anyone. Words and actions added up and I sort of just accepted who I was. The big guy.

I did find success with football in high school and was being steered in the right direction. Being told I was really a contributor to the program at Fordham Prep was that first moment that I thought I found my path. Then I had an awful shoulder injury that pretty much just ended my career. It just shut me down and health kind of went out the window. I worked hard in school but never to my full potential.

So fast forward. I now wake up, count my blessings, and say to myself there are no excuses. You’re going to get better at least 1 thing today (whether it’s at the gym or learning something new).

What has been your favorite memory since joining Immortal?
A year into being at Immortal Will convinced me to go ahead and try out for the Bottle of the Boxes team. I was nervous, thought I couldn’t cut it, but decided to give it a go. I certainly was not expecting to win those try outs but being told I was going to wear the same color as Will, Iz, Amanda, Lindsey, and Emily is definitely a moment I will never forget.   

What is your dream job?
Growing up I thought it was firefighting. I took a bunch of tests in many cities across the country, but it didn’t work out. Belief in destiny or not, I found the wine business and I am beyond happy.  I love learning about wine and sharing that passion with others, as well as setting them up with some pretty awesome juice. So now its all about growing the business that I work for and maybe traveling over to Europe a little.

If you could play any sport professionally, which sport would it be and why?
Hockey. Definitely hockey. Between speed, aggression, creativity, and passion no other sport compares in my mind. Lord Stanley’s cup is the trophy. If I knew what I do now as a kid, I certainly would be lacing them up as youngster to get to the NHL.

What goal are you currently pursuing (it doesn’t have to be fitness related)?:
Well I just completed a couple of goals for the year in the recent month. So now I want to become fluent in a second language, German probably, as I studied it in high school. Fitness…as many of know I am still chasing that elusive muscle up.