Our June Member of the Month is Doug Dulin Sr.!!!

Our June Member of the Month is Doug Dulin Sr.!!!
Name: Doug Dulin aka Senior
Hometown: Ossining, NY
Age: 55
Occupation:  PepsiCo Sales Director 
When did you join Immortal?
November, 2018
If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?
Ability to Fly.  Can be anywhere at anytime with no delays.  
What do you enjoy most about having your kids at the gym with you? 
Well, it’s because of them that I joined Immortal. I enjoy taking classes with them and, since both are living on their own, I get to see them more often. 
Did you play sports growing up?  What sport didn’t you play but you wish you had?
Yes, football, basketball and baseball.  Wish I played golf, maybe I’d be on senior tour instead of trying to perfect the push jerk  🙂
What has been your best memory since joining Immortal? 
My first “trial” HIIT class with Alyssa and partnering with Doug III and Gasman during FIT 
What current goals are you working on?  (It doesn’t have to be fitness related) 
Still trying to eat healthier…It’s a struggle!