Kathryn Stauss is our November ’18 Member of the Month

Kathryn Stauss is our November ’18 Member of the Month

Name: Kathryn Stauss
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
Age: 49
Occupation: Larry Reinharz tells me I’m a Rabbi, but to pay the bills I’m a lawyer who now works in Human Resources in Talent Strategy

How long have you been doing CrossFit and what motivated you to try it out? 

I started CrossFit 5 years ago when Frank and I joined Immortal.  I was curious about CrossFit because a former colleague of mine did CrossFit and I saw her physical transformation plus she looked and seemed really happy.  I had recently moved to the Pleasantville/Hawthorne area and was commuting into the city and was in a workout slump. I was bored with my routine and couldn’t find the right time or place to workout.  Then one Saturday in October 2013 Frank and I drove down the alley beside the Pleasantville post office and there was a big sign announcing the opening of CrossFit Immortal and the rest is history…

You have officially been with Immortal for 5 years now.  What is your favorite memory at the gym, and your favorite memory outside of the gym with the Immortal crew?

One of my favorite memories at the gym is when Bridget got her first bar muscle up during the Open. Not only was I so incredibly proud of Bridget and excited for her, but when I looked around the gym and saw all of the love and support she had I was moved beyond words and it felt like my heart could explode.  I was and am grateful that Bridget has this amazing community to encourage, challenge and cheer her on.  I am also grateful to have that community myself. Immortal has changed our lives in so many ways for the better and far beyond what I could have ever imagined.   I have told Tommy many times that he created something truly special when he opened this gym. 

Other favorite memories at the gym include doing my first WOD with Coach Amanda before she was a coach, the early days of the 9:30 am class likely terrifying Tommy and John, team training for Battle of the Boxes and WOD Father, Halloween WODs, Immortal holiday parties turned dance parties, in-house competitions – I could go on. 

Outside of the gym, I have even more favorite memories because the gym has given me my closest friends. However, if I had to pick  one … accomplishing the Civilian Military Combine together was pretty epic. Not only was it a physical test for many of us, we truly stuck together and had a party bus with stripper poles waiting for us at the end (thank you Billy!).  That was also one of Coach Will’s first appearances and he was incredible at ensuring we all got over the obstacles (even before he was Coach).

We all know about your beloved dog Thor and how much you and Frank love him.  When did you get him, why did you choose him, and where did the name come from?

We adopted Thor in May 2011 from ROAR (Ridgefield Operation Animal Rescue).  We chose him because we wanted a rescue dog, but we also wanted a puppy. My friend worked at ROAR and told us when Thor and his siblings arrived at the shelter. While we went there just to look, we essentially left with a puppy. We picked Thor specifically because he had long legs and he tricked us into thinking he was not an alpha dog (he’s a total alpha dog).  The name selection was quite easy. The kids narrowed it down to two options and then said I could make the final choice. The options they gave me were: Thor and Dick. I chose Thor.

What was your first impression of Tommy when you first joined Immortal?  

Enthusiastic. Followed by passionate, dedicated, driven.  After we drove down the alley and saw the sign for CrossFit Immortal, we parked the car, but weren’t sure about whether we were going to check it out. But then out came Tommy, extremely friendly (and enthusiastic). He had us at hello. 

If you invite one famous person to your Thanksgiving dinner, who would it be and why?

This year – Jon Stewart.  He would liven up the conversation and we would likely learn something  – and laugh.  Plus, he and his wife own an animal sanctuary which I wouldn’t mind working at in some way.  So, if he liked my cooking (Dianne Carter I’d need your guidance) I could maybe get a job out of it.  

What’s your favorite restaurant to go out to dinner?  

Not sure if this counts because it’s not local, but it’s my favorite. It’s called The Cribstone.  It’s in Maine right on the ocean with awesome views. They serve a Bloody Mary served with a whole lobster tail in it.  

What goal are you currently pursuing (it doesn’t have to be fitness related)?:

I want to clean out my closet. 

I actually do want to clean out my closet and need to clean out my closet, but this is also a metaphor for where I’m at right now.   I need to get rid of the clutter, get rid of the things that don’t make me feel good for one reason or another.  The things that are old and not needed anymore.  By getting rid of those things, I’ll be able to focus on the things I do like and/or that do make me feel good.  I will also then have room for new things. As I approach what will be a decent number of candles on my birthday cake the next go around, I want to be at peace with what I see in the rear view mirror and excited and challenged about what I’m doing in the present.  Having a clean closet is a good place to start I figure.