Kathleen Frawley is our December ’18 Member of the Month

Kathleen Frawley is our December ’18 Member of the Month

Name: Kathleen Frawley
Hometown: Ossining  
Age: 55 years old
Occupation: Credentialing Consultant, Aetna Inc.

How long have you been doing CrossFit and what motivated you to try it out?

I began CrossFit eight months ago. Prior to that, my exercise consisted of walking and hiking with my dog (weather permitting). I was motivated to try CrossFit because it afforded a variety of movements, strength training and cardio and I could easily fit it into my schedule during the week.

You are a committed member in our HIIT classes.  What is it that you enjoy so much about the class?

I truly look forward to two things in the morning, my first cup of coffee and the 8:30 a.m. HIIT class!  What I enjoy so much about the class is challenging myself to complete the prescribed WOD. 

When I first began CrossFit the struggle was real.  I was humbled early on when I could not perform an air squat. I doubted my ability to stay with it. I am so grateful to Tommy Carter and the Immortal coaching staff for their patience, guidance and training, and to the Immortal family who continue to encourage and motivate me. 

What is your favorite holiday tradition that you have?

I’m particularly fond of Christmas Eve. Every year the Frawley clan and extended family gather at their childhood home.  It has been so rewarding to watch my nieces and nephews grow up and achieve so many milestones. 

What is your favorite food/dessert to bake during the holidays?

I make a wonderful apple pie with a crumble topping. Here’s a tip: Serve warm with a generous scoop of Haagan Dazs vanilla ice cream!

If you could be a famous actress, what movie would you want to be in and why?

If I could be a famous actress, I would want to star in a drama.  I love a good old fashioned story. 

What is your favorite genre of music to listen to when you work out?

I’m open to most genres of music but, I’m particularly fond of the music of my youth.  Have you heard Gavin’s play list?

What goal are you currently pursuing (it doesn’t have to be fitness related)?

My husband and I completed a total home renovation in 2016. The furnishing and decorating is almost complete, but there are just a few final touches left.

My current fitness goal is to string together 3 proper push-ups by the end of the year.