Abby Osinoff is the August 2017 Member of the Month!

Abby Osinoff is the August 2017 Member of the Month!
We are proud to announce a new tradition at Immortal Fitness…


Every month the coaches will vote for who is most deserving of this cool new honor.
What’s the criteria to be nominated? It’s pretty simple: as coaches we are looking for effort and attitude. Those who are pouring it out there, putting their best effort forward, day after day. Someone who is positive thinking, willing to try new things, willing to push themselves to new limits, and someone who never complains.  

Let’s get to know the inaugural member of the month, Abby Osinoff…
Name: Abby Osinoff
Hometown: Pleasantville
Age: 16
Occupation: Student and gymnastics coach 
How long have you been doing CrossFit and what motivated you to try it out?
I started the adult class one year ago after retiring from gymnastics after 11 years. My mom always talked about it and it seemed right up my alley.  Part gymnastics part lifting and cardio. It was something new for me to try!
You have been consistently showing up and training hard, working on skills in your extra time. Tells us what motivates you to be so dedicated:  
My dedication comes from my love of feeling happy and healthy. I know that if I go to the gym and give it my all that I will feel accomplished and proud. It also allows me to free myself of anything that is happening outside of the gym.  
What did you have for breakfast this morning?
Most mornings before I train I will have oatmeal with half a banana, a Lära bar, or a couple eggs. Depending on what I’m feeling.
What is your all time favorite CrossFit exercise?…and what is your least favorite?
My favorite CrossFit exercise is definitely a tie between the snatch and the muscle up. I love incorporating gymnastics into my workouts!  My least favorite had got to be the thruster. 
What is your favorite flavor ice cream?
This is a hard one. I’m torn between coffee and cookies & cream. 

Tell us something about you that most people don’t know:

I really enjoy creating zentangles (a type of doodling), 

What goal are you currently pursuing (it doesn’t have to be fitness related)?:
I’m currently self teaching myself the ukulele and I’m also really focused on nutrition. In fact, my goal is to become a registered dietitian.