Policies and Etiquette

Signing up for class in advance
  • We require all members to reserve a spot in class ahead of time, through Mindbody. Classes are capped at 20.If a class is full, you can add yourself to the wait list and if someone cancels their reservation you will be emailed and removed from the wait list and added to the class.
Canceling your Reservation​
  • ​Canceling your reservation with more than 10 hours to the start of the class is considered an early cancel. ​
  • Canceling your reservation with 10 hours or less of the start of class time is considered a late cancel. ​
    If the class is full and you late cancel ​your reservation (with less than 10 hours to the start of class time) you will be charged $10. If the class was not full and you late cancel there is no fee.  
Being Sick,Hygiene, Germs & Equipment Care 
  • ​If you drip sweat anywhere, it needs to be cleaned with a disinfectant wipe. ​
  • If you leave a chalk print on the floor, it needs to be cleaned with a disinfectant wipe.
  • If you’re sick, please stay home. The gym is not the place to “sweat it out.” ​
  • If you have a sick child at home, please be sure to wash your hands prior to coming to the gym.
  • If your child is home sick, please do not bring them to class with you while you workout.
  • Do you have a favorite workout shirt that has been through 1,000 workouts and is starting to get a little funk to it? It’s time to retire that bad boy! Good hygiene is important. Please keep in mind that during many of the workouts we do, we are in close proximity to one another, and often share equipment.
  • Please thoroughly wipe down any equipment before returning it to it’s home, and please keep the chalk in the bucket 🙂
Being On Time 
  • Please do your best to arrive a few minutes early to class. Our warm-up is the biggest tool to keeping you safe and getting your body primed for intense exercise. If your 5 minutes late you have missed half the warm-up. Furthermore, walking in late is a disruption and often distracts the instructor and other members from what they are doing. 
Putting your phone on silent
  • When you’re taking a class the focus needs to be on getting the most out of your workout and not your phone. The ringer going off is a big distraction to other members. Please turn your ringer off and if there is a call that you must take, please take it outside. 

Dropping Weights

  • ​An empty barbell should never be dropped. ​
  • Dropping weights from overhead is not permitted. 
  • Dumbbells and kettle bells should never be dropped under any circumstances. 
Bringing your child to the gym 
  • You are welcome to bring your children to the gym while you get your workout on! We only ask that they remain seated for the entire class and are not playing on any equipment.